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the phone Lvxia Xia tearfully thanked the wellwishers Put down the phone

‘an News (correspondent volts Run of) December 3, has been able to sit up to eat. Gradually get better body, so waiting outside the family was pleased, but on the same day, in the doorway of the “patients in the hospital arrears alarm list” on Wu Chuanrong name impressively: brother and sister remaining pre-paid 442 yuan for medical expenses the! December 3, the reporter again and Wuchuan Jiang contact. Wuchuan Jiang said his body feels better, he and his sister had to sit on the bed eating, chatting, watching TV. “I want to thank the” Lanzhou Morning Post, “Thanks for all the good people ……” However, the same day the hospital doorway posted a “hospital patients in arrears alarm alone,” Wu Chuanrong also the name of the above: brother and sister’s medical expenses the remaining 442 yuan. It is understood that renal transplant patients require lifelong immunosuppressive drugs, rely on drugs to protect the kidneys, preventing rejection. Currently, the implantation of the new organ, Wuchuan Jiang is using anti-rejection drugs, the price is quite expensive: a 4,000 yuan. Wu Zhuanrong husband worries Jia Jun, said: “The operation was a success, and now even dangerous period of 14 days are not spent, if there is no follow-up treatment costs, donate a kidney would spoil.” Wu family once again into the quagmire of helplessness. Surgeon told reporters, Wu Chuanjiang siblings not yet out of danger. Father could not bear to save money for the children’s father, dentures Wuchuan Jiang WU yuan this year, 70 years old,louboutin, not tall, taciturn, and occasionally say a few words always ineffectively. Usually sit in the house, keep your head down, his hands holding the rope, kept rubbing. Reporters interview, just talking about a pair of children, say a few words, he would silently cry …… or in hospitals across the hostel that house, the morning meal back to the brother and sister and father Wu manage from the stove, to The other two children – son Jia Jun, daughter Lvxia Xia cooking. Today’s lunch is a white surface, which was floating a few slices of cabbage. Jia Jun remove three buns off the table and handed Lvxia Xia. “This is a surgery that day bought, all four days, and is estimated to have moldy, throw it away.” WU Yuan grabbed the bag: “I see, no moldy, right ” Jia Jun saw the old man’s mind, say “save a dollar but Chihuaiduzi, uneconomical,” persuaded the children, the elderly do not continue to insist that puts buns on the innermost layer of the cabinet. Reporters found that the elderly are not very flexible legs. Lvxia Xia said: “Dad always right leg pain, usually unable to squat, squat when needed only one leg, the other leg dragging.” Jia Jun also said: “Dad no teeth, only eat soft foods. “Hearing this, the old man’s eyes were red. He opened his mouth, the reporter saw: Only mouthful of teeth jaw 4, and one of the two has also been shaken. In order to give their children to save for medical expenses,louboutin pas cher, a cheapest dentures 800 yuan, the old man insisted on not installed. “You busy go, I pack up and give them to do dinner Rong Chuan.” Wipe away the tears, the elderly and hobbled Zhuomang up. “There are ten thousand reasons for refusal but I signed a” Wuchuan Jiang siblings in Xi’an, a kidney transplant, Jia Jun around to spend time with a few days off, this lean man lost a lap. “Little Wing is my wife, she would accompany my life would donate her kidney, I am not without hesitate.” Jia Jun said, “I have a million reasons refused surgery signature: My child is still small, small Wing had just sick …… matching, surgery, dangerous period, post recovery, as long as there is a little mistake, I turn to face my wife but I still notice the surgery on signed,mulberry sale, because the river is a good man pass , Little Wing is a good man, a good man to save another good man, how can I refuse “” In fact, knowing the small wing ready to donate a kidney, the hardest part is how to do the work of my parents and I thought for a long , for fear they can not stand. “Jia Jun said. “I’ll tell them, Chuan Jiang’s illness has reached a degree of non-kidney transplant is not available, no change will be life-threatening. Then I take a look at opportunities for parents that do little to Xi’an Rong matching .. Finally, I told them, Chuan Jiang Rong intends to give small donate a kidney. “At that time, Jia Jun’s parents stunned for a long while did not speak. Yes, it is a small biography Jiang Rong sister, but she is the daughter Jia. Finally, Jia Jun’s mother spoke up: “I am on this one daughter, usually she is very good for us, I feel bad miles. You say you want to take a big organ baby, I think, and ye dig a piece of meat from me Like ah! I can not bear,peuterey, but the rescue deal, you leave, go to Xi’an to give them help it. “Jia Jun Before I left, my father said heavily:” In the future, the burden of life you have to play more, your responsibility is even heavier. “Although it was a tangled mind, but Jia Jia was always concerned about the parent far in Xi’an daughter. Jia Jun allow reporters to see his sister sent a text message: “Mom and Dad want to go to Xi’an to see you special, but too far away, poor health, I convince them to leave open, you take good care of the patient!” In fact, Jia Jun’s heart then why do not tangle Jia Jun gripping is really so late postoperative treatment. More than once he talked to reporters: “I love to donate a kidney, if unexpected late, no medical expenses to continue treatment, Chuan Jiang get nothing but a temporary fresh kidney, the kidney will not last long; while my lover, but never lost a large organ and these, as soon as I think of it, could not sleep. “” Now, my biggest wish is both safely out of the hospital, perfectly healthy to live. “Jia Jun said. Hear the sound of children old mother burst into tears December 3 morning Wuchuan Jiang silver colleagues,hollister online shop, classmates telephone call to Xi’an. A primary school classmate, said: “Although our meager strength, but we have launched a donation activity on the network. Chuan Jiang, former classmates, now friends, as long as can be linked to, and we have contact. Mobilize all forces to help tide over the river pass. “This is the first phone, the phone Lvxia Xia tearfully thanked the well-wishers. Put down the phone, she said sadly: “Over the years, in order to pass the river heal around as long as people can think of, we find almost all over, and now they lent a helping hand, I really do not know how to thank people.” 3 December afternoon, Lvxia Xia silver work colleague phoned the company Jixiu: Jixiu has launched employee contributions, hoping to help solve some of the costs. In silver, beads Ling Shang hearts of the elderly is not always practical. Now, leaving her and her two grandchildren, grandchildren go to school, she’ll stay at home, watching the phone daze. At 11:20 on December 3, Shang Chu Ling stood on the balcony, oriental gaze, she would like to know in Xi’an two children, even though these two days and contacted his wife, but his wife told her, In addition to doctors and nurses, who also did not see his son and daughter. “Three days, the better,barbour sale, right !” The old man calls his son’s cell phone, even through. “Mom, I’m a mile.” Phone came Wuchuan Jiang weak voice. The elderly say a word, tears streaming down her cheeks. Later, the old man heard the laughter of her daughter: “Mom, I’m fine, the first day after surgery will be able to speak.” Old man knew, to comfort her daughter, her daughter still say, old man had burst into tears …… Less than two minutes after said the old man hastily hung up the phone, the old man knew his son’s phone is roaming, the cost is very high. Pick up the phone, the elderly spiritual much better, go to school to pick up the pace grandson also a lot of light. At the school gate, the old man on the newsstand see the “Lanzhou Morning News” and see the photos of the children in bed. “How do you go ah, do not mean that people go in ” The old man was pleasantly surprised to ask reporters, “That’s great, you see the eyes of a strong pass the river.” Chuan Jiang 7-year-old son also saw the newspaper father and aunt, and he did not say a word, upon her grandmother’s hand tightly, containing eyes full of tears. “Well now, son, there is hope, my task is to find the money up.” Spoke, the elderly tired eyes revealing an resolute look. Pain is pain in his left hand is also a two kindly old man, the Shang Ling Chu welcomed into the house. See relatives at the moment,hollister, still choked with beads Ling speechless. Wu Zhuanrong high Toshihide elderly mother in law said Jia Jun called her on the phone last night, said the operation was a success. “After hanging up the phone, I still blame Why did before the surgery to the family said that these days we are very worried, and when they do not know the surgery.” Chuan Rong Jia Jianyi said father, daughter to Xi’an to do matching, he understand daughter was to give his brother a kidney donation. “We did not ask her, she was afraid to increase the pressure.” He said, “This is something we definitely have an idea, fearing daughter could not carry the body, but also saved Chuan Jiang ah! Chuan Rong into this home has been for 13 years We have never had a red face, I had regarded her as a pro-girl, now let her so I really could not bear ah! “High Toshihide said daughter noon to Xi’an to find her, she said something to donate Renal no serious consequences words. “I was to understand, but not against ah, if not, her brother would not have survived.” “We were also contradictory too, but think our side, think of the daughter to her parents there, but also hurt his left hand, right hand is pain we support daughter, because she is in life-saving ah. “” We now want the two of them after all healthy. “This is the biggest wish of two elderly people. Wu Chuanrong is great, her 12-year-old son Xiang Xiang is thought so. This clever, mischievous, uncle Wuchuan Jiang looks like a little boy, facing reporters somewhat shy. Although the family was telling him, but he says he knows everything, yesterday also saw my grandmother hid newspaper. He said: “I am a little sad, but I think my mother is great!” Run of the reporter volts PROCEEDINGS brother and sister really love our unit where workers are concentrated Wuchuan Jiang donated 12,000 yuan Lanzhou,doudoune moncler, Baiyin readers have life-saving money donors WASHINGTON (Reporter PROCEEDINGS) love, so prohibitive death, love, make life more tenacious. Two days, silver sister donate a kidney to save brother’s deeds, the newspaper reported, touched many readers, they Wu Chuanrong fearless devotion and moved to Wu Chuanrong her mother a tolerance and admiration. Meanwhile, the well-meaning people are in action to show their blessing to this brother and sister, brother Wuchuan Jiang unit where – Gansu Hualu Aluminum Company employees have nearly 12,000 yuan donations to Wuchuan Jiang hands of the mother, they believe, love,barbour outlet, able to hold two tenacious life. Two days, there is a person in a matter of Wuchuan Jiang siblings busy preparing. His name is Cui Hezhong is Wuchuan Jiang former classmates, colleagues now. 2 December morning, Cuihe Zhong braved the bitter cold of a guard at the Silver City newsstands before the scent of ink pervaded just put out daily newspapers, he once bought 40 copies of “Lanzhou Morning News.” He knew that the day of the publication of Wu Chuanrong Morning to donate a kidney to save brother siblings deeds. “The newspaper is the best written proposal.” Cui Hezhong Wuchuan Jiang singled out the newspaper reports about the layout, posted prominently in the company hospital. “I hope those who do not know the details of the workers understand this touching things, to raise some more for Wuchuan Jiang cost of treatment.” From the current point of view, Cui Hezhong wish came true: the morning of December 3, Gansu Hualu Aluminum party secretary He Yongming industry employees the company donated 11,950 yuan love money handed the hands of the elderly still beads Ling, the elderly feel grateful,hollister, thank several kneel. He Yongming on the old man said: “You have a good son, also a wonderful daughters, we will work together to care for them, so keep this love continues.” Zhao Yan is a Chinese Egret Aluminum Company an ordinary worker, he saw ” Lanzhou Morning Post “reported after the tears, the body of only 100 yuan in cash to donate. “When I only know that he was sick, other things do not understand, read the newspaper before the brother and sister felt great and I just donated one of my mind,hollister paris, I hope more people can pass the river to lend a helping hand . “Zhang Wenwu, a Northeast guy, he donated $ 50. He said the money, while small, but on behalf of his mind. Him from the bottom of my heart to Wu Chuanrong tribute to her husband and father-wing pass, to pay tribute to her mother, and I hope more people pay attention to this brother and sister for touching. Cuihe Zhong said, to see my colleagues for donations, he was pleased to preach the river siblings. Cui Hezhong not only lay down their working relationship fundraising, even his wife, Wei Xiaoxia also participate in them the. These two days, Wei Xiaoxia Zhu Ling led the old man still ran a lot of units: Wu Chuanrong pre-retirement flats silver company machinery plant ready to contribute this brother and sister, silver Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau said it would progressively reported from the community for assistance payments … … 3 December evening, organized by the Cuihe Zhong et al Alumni Association was held in silver, Cui Hezhong more than 50 students to pass the river siblings introduced deeds, we donations …… Cuihe Zhong said: “We love to use to hold up two a tenacious life. “In the meantime, Lanzhou readers through the newspaper Donations Hotline 96555 Wu Zhuanrong siblings expressed concern and respect. Lanzhou, a public hospital,barbour jacket, a doctor called and said: “really touching story of brother and sister and we decided to wait Wu Chuanrong physical rehabilitation, we will be free for her ovarian cyst surgery, even if she returns to the community and respect! “the newspaper again called party is still in danger of loving brother and sister love and dedication! Contribute account: China Construction Bank Shaanxi Branch Ying Road West Chang’an Road Branch Branch 4213494224110106; Beneficiary: Wuchuan Jiang; newspaper Donations Hotline: 96555.


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600) makesmallpic (this, lose what Hu good run-in, the black section TM really don’t know how upstairs palace glory? a group of uniformed personnel in checking a seems to have impaired “scan Eagle” uav. Iran had announced the downed American a RQ-170 UAV, I’d stopped tomorrow sports career, the workaholics said: “I will go to the gym every day at 6 in the morning,But this season,Maddie promoted CBA class CBA very hard to occupation, character files Luo Jinbao.

Wu Yongpei recalls that Pengwen Gang graduated from a school

Wu Yongpei asked him to verify the situation, he explained what had happened, and wrote a “written material.”

This boss is really no financial cells.

Batch boss Counsel: Do not know what to say the boss negligence,water drain for several days., or to say that the boss was too busy

Doubts that the store belongings into thieves inexplicably missing 53-year-old Wu Yongpei at dawn North opened a car repair decorative beauty center, has been in 20 years.

Subsequently, he and PENG Wen also followed suit.

Wang Tao: Money allows outsiders to control it

Wu Yongpei said earlier this year, the store’s financial officer resigned abruptly after the new financial officers did not find,barbour bruxelles, so the store to form a habit: all employees wash, repair later, are their own account.

August 12, a video recording to start after Wu Tao: Tao Wu sitting in front till the one hand into the drawer,Sold for 100,000 yuan Imperial Hotel was head soup Dumen pay talks migrant workers, fingers rubbing red bill, knead a ball of paper, the pinch in the palm, and then the other

Wu Yongpei: Yes, very sad.

Zheng Xin: boss management problems, should be more to learn.

He thought the thief door,parka barbour, once through the night guard at the store,barbour quilted, but found nothing.

Earlier this year, the store attracted three young men,​​helping them to charity ins, including Wu Tao, Li introduced by a friend, PENG Wen is the initiative to come for jobs.

Wu Yongpei: my store no financial,barbour online store, staff are their own work,duffle coat barbour, their own account,barbour tokito, and I did not expect them to do so.

Find accounts of the problem, Wu Yongpei the counter changed a lock.

Reporter: This will affect your views on other employees do

Reporter: So their behavior make you sad

He had a habit of revenue for the store,barbour beaufort, “the general look statements would not personally daily settlement.”

For a long time,catalogue barbour, Wu Yongpei store basically maintained 10 or so employees.

only in the hands of the betel nut buckle quickly shape into a ball of paper money, and got up and left …… Li Yang said that such a move,barbour online, Wu Tao before leaving a period of time,barbour belgique, “more crazy”,barbour lyon, “more than a dozen a day.”

Reporter: You do not do every day clearing it

I do not make mistakes because they are three people suspected all of the other staff I still trust.

Wu Yongpei: I always hope and employees get along.

‘ve never seen a monitor Reporter: Do you think that this is the case what is the reason

In early July, he found Wu Tao money not accounted for, and sometimes also credited the money and out from the till,barbour beaufort, the journal of the wet, torn.

“This year, the end of August, I clearly felt the shop economic pressure.” Wu Yongpei said yourself this shop,barbour en ligne, location or the location, size or the size of the delay because of economic pressures made a wage, the rent late.

Outside his shop a total installed six cameras, you can see the various regions, monitoring and recording automatically archived month.

Resignation, Wu Tao Wu Yongpei QQ space message said: “There are people like you really sad, × × dealers will soon collapse.” (Reward cues provided Mr. Wang 30 yuan) [dissatisfied with the micro-

Wu Yongpei: My sub shop business for 20 years, when you need money, I always get directly from the financial hands, and then sign it.

Them a message in my QQ space, send me a message, I did not expect was how, later …… really gas halo!

Li Yang of this “written material” mentioned, the first to do so is Wu Tao.

We all have to get along to everyone you put up a wall

Message employee said this boss “really sad” Li Yang,vetement barbour, the shop is still working.

Although the store installed monitoring, but I’ve never seen.

There employee told him, “Li Yang recently a little sneaky.” Earlier this year, Li Yang was recruited into one of three new employees.

Very nice ring boss life: quality determine a person’s behavior, the level of trust between people, often depends on the quality between high and low.

People how the tube

Wu Yongpei recalls that Pengwen Gang graduated from a school, learning is the automotive beauty.

Qin Zaichuan: in the end who is sad

Stealing money from the till staff monitoring photographed through August 28, Wu Yongpei found that “on account of the store made one less 25 yuan,” he called in the accounts big question mark.

He remembers, PENG Wen and Wu Tao resigned a few days ago.

Language] in the end who is sad

If the boss just out of trust

Reporter: What is this thing you learned

Wu Yongpei: store or to strengthen management.

He also found that the total store of tires and other products inexplicably disappeared, employees have said do not know.

After reading the previous month monitoring, Wu Yongpei “face was pale,” and monitoring records show,Quanzhou gouvernement de la ville a tenu une conf��rence de nouvelles �� annoncer les, “Peng Wen,barbour beaufort prix, Wu Tao, Li 3 people have to take money from the till and the money is not received customer account records.”

September 3,chemises barbour, Wu Yongpei decided to tune out the surveillance video look.

Wu Yongpei is still the number of statistical store belongings stolen.

Rushed to the police now!

Si Meng Ma: So how money boss tube

HUMANANITIES: Why everyone says stupid boss,magasins barbour paris, not a person accused of theft

He let PENG Wen paid a few hundred yuan deposit, the two sides established a labor relationship.

jeux de camions a garer

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move in

The holiday began a week later, the campus has been desolate, deserted. Because too few people, school canteen is closed, cleaning staff is also back. Only the dormitory building a six storey dozen. On average,magasin hollister, each floor of less than three, the worst is I, the six floor, just me, but in order to save, the administrator to late eight is power, cut off the water supply. I prepared a lot of candles in the dormitory. In the evening, long secretly corridor, ghastly, think brother before leaving it, plus I hour III experience, night scared. The middle of the night I did not dare to go to the toilet, take a basin under the bed convenient. One evening, the review is too tired, looking at the outside of the setting sun like gold sprinkled on the campus, and went into the garden for a walk. The garden except evergreen pine, there’s nothing to see, the garden in the cold wind rustling leaves tremble. Suddenly, my eyes were a red garden under the pine trees attract,parajumpers damen, take a look at the past, the uplift of the root of the tree, there is a rose, leaves are not many, but very green, especially the red rose, as red as blood dripping, no ordinary rose high, but unusually charming,parajumpers herren, cute. “Strange, in the cold north, how can there still be a rose, if in the greenhouse was common, perhaps was a sign of the God to give me, let me next year to find a girlfriend,moncler soldes, ha ha ha, can’t, so big, had not talked about love, but don’t suffer the rose,moncler femme, I to move it to the dormitory, don’t let it warm in the cold wind, in case of heavy snow, she is going to die, what a pity”. So I find the flowerpot to previously used with great care,mercurial vapor, move in, move to the dormitory on the windowsill. At eight quarters timely water power, I light the candles, continue to pursue. Trapped when they have a look that rose, to her chatter, bless me admitted to graduate, I heard the automatic speaking,hollister pas cher, I feel funny, is to see the Denon eight many, like stupid Duan Yu, but also a way to relieve stress. Have a look twelve, ready for bed,hollister france, and then to the rose to say good night, I turned around, saw the window stood a girl, dressed in a red body, layer upon layer, red as blood flow, a face as white as a sheet,hogan outlet, empty blood eyes, long hair and waist…… When I woke up, she was still with me, my mouth is called,scarpe hogan, is she covered her hand, cold hand almost my teeth of ice fell, but I have been powerless. “Do not fear, I will not harm you,moncler italia, I want you to help me.” The sound out has not I,hollister, only to hear her say “I thank you for bringing me into the dormitory, if wait for the winter in the past, I can only be a ghost, wanders in the underworld, never more, but I still need you to help me. I was 98 grade students, that came to the school to report for duty, a senior fellow said to help me check, I what all don’t understand, believe him, evening he said to help my tuition tomorrow, so I put the money to the garden to him, I believed him. So I put the money brought into the garden, the garden is built, potholes everywhere, in there, I was strangled, and then.相关的主题文章:

often go home to ha

Ghost girl (on) – the ghost story

A woman’s mask

Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed the need to accelerate the country’s housing security and supply to guarantee people’s basic residential needs.
Presiding over a group study session of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee on Tuesday, Xi said that pushing the construction of the housing supply system is a solid project that benefits all people.

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Philippe Royet

Mardi 29 janvier, grande journée de mobilisation pour les salariés de Virgin, nous allons chez l’actionnaire, Butler Capital Partners, pour lui demander des comptes sur sa gestion lamentable de notre enseigne. Nous, barbour outlet les salariés de la grande distribution de hollister produits culturels, smicards pour la plupart, venus des magasins parisiens et de province également, Rouen, Avignon, Rennes, Marseille, hollister france Dunkerque. Dans chaque magasin de province, quelques salariés ont sacrifié une woolrich sito ufficiale journée de salaire pour manifester devant chez Butler. ? cinquante mètres du siège de la société, un cordon de CRS nous bloque le passage. Walter Butler, notre actionnaire, accepte de recevoir une barbour délégation d’une dizaine de personnes. La délégation constituée, nous passons le cordon des forces de l’ordre et accédons hollister aux bureaux de notre actionnaire, protégés par des vigiles à oreillettes comme un mini-Pentagone. Walter Butler nous re?oit, parajumpers assisté de monsieur Parquet, responsable du p?le Virgin, et nous dit qu’il est heureux de converser avec nous, ce qui en langage énarque doit signifier qu’il est à peu près aussi content que LouisXVI recevant une délégation de sans-culotte. Dès le début, les reproches et les questions fusent sur le manque de stratégie dont l’actionnaire a fait preuve durant cinq ans, nous conduisant au redressement judiciaire. Les membres de l’intersyndicale tentent d’arracher la garantie que Walter Butler défendra tout projet de reprise totale des magasins Virgin, ou, qu’en cas de casse sociale, il financera des indemnités supra-légales de sa poche.Walter Butler convient de la légitimité de nos demandes mais hollister refuse de donner des woolrich outlet online données chiffrées. Les salariés de Virgin ne veulent plus se contenter de promesses, nous reprenons rendez-vous le 11?février, et fiers qu’une ébauche de dialogue social soit enfin établie, nous retournons vers nos collègues qui, bravant la pluie, hollister outlet uk font du bruit dans louboutin pas cher femme la rue. Ils savent qu’ils sont des hommes et des femmes qui se battent pour leur avenir, hollister milano et non des statistiques sur des tableaux boursiers.


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Yan’an Road police station received 110 orders

According to the Police, the two houses are illegally detained suspects had just rented.

Police were immediately rushed into the house,tiffany online store, the inside of nine men and one woman all under control,tiffany milano indirizzo, upon examination, including two men threw 100 yuan banknote is trapped for help Wu Fei and Yang Yonggang.

Wufei Li that the car came to the company.

Through some torture, Wu Fei and Yang Yonggang Jizhongshengzhi information will help write a 100 yuan banknote dropped floor.

Contractors went to Guiyang Reconciliation Fanzao company boss illegal detention According to the police investigation, 38-year-old and 39-year-old Wu Fei Yang Yonggang are contractors, in September 2009 the two companies with a female boss Moumou Road and Bridge Engineering

Coordinated by the local government and the Department of Transportation, Moumou paid 600,000 yuan in cash, Wu Fei and Yang Yonggang still owed more than $ 200,000 for projects.

Feel the situation is something wrong, Wu Fei immediately climb the stairs to the 16th floor, take the elevator downstairs.

They will help the information written on the remaining half sheets of paper, plastic bag with a note on the phone and dropped floor, but still no response.

When Xiao Yao went Qianling West Concord Road intersection with traffic lights at the crossing with a rope tied to see a $ 100 bill, Xiao Yao will pick up the money, expand the 100 yuan bill a look that says

Police rescued two fast attack half an hour trapped 8:10, Yan’an Road police station received 110 orders, immediately organized police rushed Lijuan hostel.

They were beaten again on the inside and intimidation.

Bank employees picked up hundred dollar bill, I saw a letter asking for help to open at 8:00 on February 23, Guiyang City, a bank employee Xiao Yao (a pseudonym), as usual,anelli diamanti tiffany, from six wide door walk to work.

“Piece of paper thrown down easily noticeable, why not help write the information on the banknotes, the chance to see some great people.” Wu Fei finished, pulled out from the body has not been found and removed a 100-dollar bills handed

: “I was kidnapped,tiffany collezione, Debbie hostels in Concord Road, fifth floor, make good people police rescue.” inscribed date is February 23.

Yunyan Yan’an Road Public Security Bureau police station to act quickly, toward the rescue site, arrested eight suspects under criminal detention principal Moumou 6 people.

At this point, Chen Moumou has first to leave, they will be treated by Wu Fei.

A few hours later, far away in Zunyi Yang Yonggang also been summoned in the same manner Moumou to Guiyang.

Currently, Chen Moumou other six suspects were arrested for illegal detention by the police under criminal detention.

When he came to a building, I happened to encounter Moumou.

That night in the rental, the Wu Fei and Yang Yonggang was off to a room near the street, because people have been in the guard, two hearts feel very nervous and depressed.

Information dropped floor to go, but had no response.

Went to the company door,sito tiffany italia, Wu Fei see just encountered three men had come into the office.

“We see a young woman in the window picked up the money, we know that there should be saved under.” Yang Yonggang said.

Police then found inside a steel knife from rental and a card knife.

‘s female boss Chen Moumou was instigator of their

After about 40 minutes, suffered illegal detention of 12 hours of Wu Fei and Yang Yonggang, this Yan’an Road police station was successfully rescued.

February 23 afternoon, the 49-year-old Chen Moumou summoned by the Yan’an Road police station,collezione tiffany, came to the police station to surrender.

At 8:00 on February 23,rivenditori tiffany roma, a bank employee passing this bill picked up immediately after the report.

Evening 9:00, Wu Fei and Yang Yonggang was forcibly taken more than 10 Concord Road, prepared in advance rental period.


Midnight, and other people relax their guard after they’ve been to discuss how to run out.

Half an hour later, Yang Yonggang work out just bought a cell phone, because they can not drive until the battery died has not been found and removed.

meal kicked, but also forced to write a promissory note of $ 1.5 million, and was restriction of personal freedom as long as 12 hours.

Yang Yonggang see something was wrong, wanted to run already too late, in which two men armed with knives went up, Yang Yonggang under control, a search of his cell phone after beating him a few times, then it was they took.

They were found in possession of two Wu Fei bank card, coercion Wu Fei say the password, and remove the card more than 10,bracciale uomo tiffany,000 yuan.

Subsequently,bracciale tiffany originale, the group said on Wu Fei and Yang Yonggang, “Chen said Tuesday give you money to pay for more, want you to come back,” and further threaten Wu Fei wrote a $ 1.5 million promissory note.

Xiao Yao judgment which is based on professional experience, a $ 100 real money, she thought unlikely someone will get 100 yuan to open such a joke, then took out a cell phone to call 110 to report.

February 22 afternoon, Chen Moumou called the project manager Wu Fei Wang to call Jiaowu flying Baoshan Road, Building 15, a reconciliation of the company.

Due to construction cost reasons, the roadwork on November 30, 2010 work stoppage, Moumou had promised to the site must be paid for projects, but has not been paid.

“We had thought, and so few people, we will run after they knocked out.” Yang Yonggang said,collane tiffany cuore, “but the house always people coming and going, when more than 10 individuals, when there are fewer 7-8 people,

Debbie is a resident hostel room on the fifth floor, there are two households.

Then, coming out of the house “Fanchuang escape”, “5th floor so high, how Fanchuang escape ‘Voices.

Police were knocking at the door, and soon one of the doors opened, and a young man stuck his head out and saw uniformed police immediately after the turn door.

Throw throwing paper Invalid Invalid third phone throwing money finally succeeded According to Yang Yonggang introduction,prezzi ciondoli tiffany, when he arrived at the company, saw Wu Fei was five men strapped.

contract, the contractor Panxian Pine River to Cape ancient rural section of highway construction projects.

to Yang Yonggang, written by Yang distress message.

Two in torment waiting for two hours, but the “heavenly god” still does not appear, they are very anxious hearts,sito ufficiale tiffany, brains thinking of other ways for help.

In the office, Chen Moumou said,tiffany collane prezzi, “off to a pen count heads.” She finished,tiffany charms, three men forced to go Wu Fei found the body of the phone, punched and kicked on his meal, limiting personal freedom Wu Fei

Then Wu Fei and Chen upstairs and Reconciliation.

beat is playing, however, only think of other ways of. “at 5:00 on February 23, Yang Yonggang been with me from the body to work out a pen, searched the room,prezzi collane tiffany, finally found a paper,prezzo anello tiffany, write help

“We also went to the 15th floor, a fate ah.” Trio said.

8:00,orologi tiffany prezzi, a distress message that says banknotes falling down from the sky.

In the elevator,bracciale cuore tiffany, Wu Fei met three young men, and they asked Wu flew several buildings, 15th Floor, Wu Fei said.

Wu flew to the entrance of the company, see the company’s signature missing, offices closed, shouting people no one answered.


the team received a task

if found abnormal mental stat

93-year-old woman died falling from the 11th floor, the police suspect that they have old

The BBVA Compass – NBA mobile tour truck includes two basketball areas, a tech area where fans can play thepik

but according to family requirements

‘s husband Zhang Chun ride back and found the home smoke rushed into the yard fire extinguishing and Liugui Qin also followed her husband rushed into the hospital. Three rescued hospital confirmed dead witnesses said did not come out after three burst into fire. “Flames leapt out was a 10-meter tall.” Witnesses said nearby residents rushed to the police. Changping Ming Tombs Fire Squadron, Wing fire squadron rushed to the scene after the alarm. Rescuers memories,doudoune moncler pas cher, alarm when said ignition wires, to the scene and found a house on fire, after emergency treatment,doudoune moncler, Liugui Qin and her husband, the first to be out search and rescue, and then, and from the fire inside the rescued Zhangjing Chun. 120 emergency officials said, including a 60-year-old man was already gone vital signs, but according to family requirements, or take it to the hospital. Yesterday, Nanshao town government official confirmed that three people died in hospital after checks are currently being carried out follow-up work to appease. The cause of the accident,モンクレール ダウン, the fire department is still under investigation. Interrupted fire and rescue some poor families questioned yesterday, Zhangjing Chun some families that arrived from the residents to the fire alarm,barbour outlet, consuming a total of about 40 minutes, and in the rescue of the Liugui Qin and her husband, the fire brigade had been “dressed” in the nearby residents reminded, that she re-entered the house, and the search out Zhangjing Chun. Therefore,hollister sale, some family members questioned the fire and rescue ineffective, and has the Beijing Fire Department, Changping District Fire Brigade make a complaint. In this regard, Changping District Fire Brigade related personnel responded that they at last night 6:13 alarm,hollister, and fire squadron was late Ming Tombs 6:25 arrived at the scene, there is a single record of the police to be investigated. According to informed sources, the Ming Tombs are roads nearby,woolrich, so the fire brigade vehicles to ensure their safety case has done to the utmost. In addition,doudoune moncler, the fire brigade officials said they had been at the scene rescue survivors, did not give up,hollister france, do not exist for equipment at the scene, said. Deceased loved tube “big deal” veterans Zhangjing Chun’s eldest daughter said to October,woolrich outlet, the father in relation to celebrate his 60-year-old birthday. Years ago,hollister, as patronize home, he drove off the carriage, but also done a lot of odd jobs. Two daughters grow up, do not want to let him busy on the outside, let him be responsible for transportation grandson home from school to school. Daughters know he like to watch football, wanted to take him to the scene to watch, but Zhangjing Chun Xiangui, afraid to add to the family burden did not go. Family said, perhaps because when a soldier’s sake, Zhangjing Chun always love tube “big deal” to see the couple quarrel others, he always likes approached and tried to mediate, someone has difficulties, but also old to help. For the expression of mind, yesterday morning, the relatives of the victims Liugui Qin a large bags with gifts to thank Zhangjing Chun home to visit. But Zhangjing Chun’s wife can not conceal his grief, always saying “I do not want money, not able to save him,” kind of thing. Daughters say,hollister outlet, the old couple feeling particularly good, “life never red face.” (Original title: Bed fire rescue neighbors and homeowner couple with victims)


“Mira” is also very “intimate” put forward

In the matter of desire, she quickly put the money squandered.

By a casual acquaintance to know each other bit by bit, Feng Bin full of the “Mira” increasingly favor, they can look forward to a bright spectrum of a love song.

Crazy shopping pleasure and sense of emptiness after squandering a stark contrast to Wu Xiaojuan unbearable.

She also told Feng Bin, and then all they do not want the money at home,tiffany anelli argento, do not want to accept treated.

After verified, Feng Bin Wu Xiaojuan rounder that bank card spending records all over the country, is not such as “Mira” is said to cure.

Through interactive communication with the mobile phone network, and Feng Bin Wu Xiaojuan full establishment of basic trust.

Before long, the Wu Xiaojuan in Chat pretended birth pituitary tumor, the family has spent a lot of money for her medical treatment, but also need a large amount of medical expenses.

Hear “Mira” on the phone’s lonely and helpless, and for their affection, Feng Bin suffering from pain and suffering both for the whole of the “Mira” deeply concerned, and rejoicing in the “Mira” on their own attachment, he again sprouted

After a series of thoughts, all came to the police station Feng Bin, the police gave their hearts to the doubts.

Feng Bin full-time cheated too confusing, I thought a liar will not be so frank, even if it believed Wu Xiaojuan.

Goof alarm liar lies 14 years in prison in exchange for the same year to mid-February, Wu Xiaojuan again “Mira” identity phoned Feng Bin full.

She Feng Bin full say in fact “Mira” a real person,tiffany shop, that person is her sister; she also told Feng Bin full, “Mira” asked her to come is to test the Feng Bin full, to see that he is not a good man, will not for the money

But the “Mira” that after the arrival of Feng Bin full, and not, as Feng Bin full imagination is so eager to appear in front of him, but chose a very appropriate reason: inpatient treatment,tiffany gemelli uomo, inconvenient to meet.

and “Mira” to meet the idea,pendenti tiffany, I hope you can look at this in terms of their importance has never met the man.

However, in this period, Feng Bin full raise and “Mira” to meet the idea when Wu Xiaojuan have been rejected for various reasons.

‘s phone number, hope to have further exchanges and contacts.

“Mira” is also very “intimate” put forward,prezzo anello tiffany, so that instead of her cousin Wu Xiaojuan Feng Bin full reception.

So,tiffany gioielli, he immediately agreed to borrow money.

So this time, Feng Bin full do not tell “Mira” is a person came to Luoyang, hoping to give her a surprise disease.

After this, all from Luoyang Feng Bin returned to Shanghai, during which Wu Xiaojuan been “Mira” identity continuously through the Internet and mobile phones to contact ways to get sick and need money at home handling heritage requires various fees and other grounds, constantly

Later, they have always maintained a close contact.

Subsequently, Wu Xiaojuan used “Mira” identity lie wholly Feng Bin said, “I have a little sister named Wu Xiaojuan,milano tiffany, you put the money in the construction of a direct hit Wu Xiaojuan personal bank account on it.” At that time, Feng Bin full hesitation

“Mira” on the phone again pretended to be seriously ill, being hospitalized,listino prezzi tiffany, a very lonely man, eager to have a laptop, so that they can chat with him talk; Also she said did not know he could

The pursuit of enjoyment of life, prompting another look on Wu Xiaojuan Feng Bin full, another one began to weave a lie, in order to build the heart of the “fun park.”

(Text characters are not his real name) According to “Shanghai Legal Daily”

This year alone, 25 March Feng Bin full respect to her remit 11,700 yuan, 26 March gave her remitted 9000 yuan.

In a web chat in Feng Bin Wu Xiaojuan began to use all of the “Mira,” the impression, lied out his wallet stolen, bank cards, ID cards are gone, but he still owes money to the other party and others

much longer requires Feng Bin full send her a necklace,tiffany prezzi, regarded wedding gift.

Truth,collana tiffany, such as wake-up call, Feng Bin, over all their senses: I realize I cheated.

So frequent remittances finally let Feng Bin full hearts gradually became suspicious, “Mira” excuse itself several times in order to meet a variety of allowing him only beginning to feel only appeared on the network, she is so uncertain, there is no real sense of presence.

Later, through a period of contact, Feng Bin Wu Xiaojuan see full without the alarm going, she’s saying it flew changed.


Fantasize Fudge infatuation “Object” unscrupulous scam to defraud the first time, we succeeded nearly million, unearned feeling makes Wu Xiaojuan quite satisfied.

In order to make “Mira” lay down the burden of heart, peace of mind treatment, Feng Bin-chuen,prezzo orecchini tiffany, said he would be economically possible to help her.

At that time, Feng Bin full no more thought, completely convinced.

Recently, the Shanghai Hongkou District Procuratorate for prosecution, Hongkou District Court sentenced Wu Xiaojuan fraud 14 years in prison and fined 50,000 yuan.

The next day, Wu Xiaojuan and fully meet directly after Feng Bin said that his real name is Wu Xiaojuan,tiffany orecchini prezzo, “Mira” is just a pseudonym.

While it has been unable to see the “Mira”, but,prezzo chiave tiffany, with frequent exchanges with the mobile phone network, Feng Bin full hearts have always believed and “Mira” to meet just a matter of time.

After Wu Xiaojuan to Mira Feng Bin cousin’s identity and bought a whole together worth 12,880 yuan Sony laptop and nearly 2 million in jewelry, including two necklaces, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a pendant.

But out of the trust Wu Xiaojuan,cuore tiffany, Feng Bin full there was no warning, he believes “Mira” have difficulties,cuore di tiffany, the network met the “Mira” is her true colors.

Thus, from January last year, Feng Bin Wu Xiaojuan this all has to bank card transfer about 29 million.

Feng Bin reach out to the whole borrow money.

But Feng Bin full might how he never imagined, not waiting for him to make others envious of band blending,fedi tiffany, exciting good marriage but that is only his own imagination, a huge scam is approaching.

She told Feng Bin full, he could alarm, let the police came for her.

Wu Xiaojuan positive argument for the sudden loss of some Feng Bin is full, or rejoicing in the two finally can meet with.

Last February 5, Wu Xiaojuan suddenly called Feng Bin full,tiffany a firenze, he said he said before sick kind of thing, are lying to him, and offered to meet with Feng Bin full.

imported directly into this account for nearly 10,000 yuan.

more money,tiffany catania, she was very politely expressed the hope that all can aid Feng Bin some money to help her through.

Thus, the two made an appointment the next day in Luoyang City, Wangfujing mall entrance meet.


four meters …… the crowd watched